Privacy Policy

E Assist is a committed organization towards their clients’ safety of personal information. It is our responsibility to make each user’s information secure. This Privacy statement set out for how the data protection requirements complies for each client. The structure of our website is in a format that will make you visit it without giving any identification of yourself or revealing any sort of personal information. You will be asked to give us access to your personal information when you try to avail a quote for our available offers or want to contact our professional team for any query or registration. For your safety, E Assist is a registered IT company which is registered under The Data Protection Act 1998 and have provided all necessary information to the Information Commissioner.
Your privacy means important to us. You can stay assured that your personal information will not be sold, distributed or leased to third parties unless you grant permission lawfully, and legally. You have the full authority to get your details removed from our system by writing to us.
If you have any information that we have incorrect data of you or you would like to get a copy of your personal data that is saved in our system, you can ask us.

Data Protection Compliance

If, by any means, you believe that your personal data is incorrect or incomplete in our system. Therewith, you can write us an email at your earliest convenience to get your information corrected promptly.

Information Collected

E Assist collects your information once you register on our website. The information taken at that stage will be of:
Your name.
Contact information (Email address and phone number).
Transaction number (After agreement to pay the dues).
Bank account number (After agreement for billing issues).
You can be asked additional questions upon verifying your ID to ensure you a smooth and reliable experience with us.


Our commitment is to ensure that your information is secure by all means. Our safeguard system is quite strict to prevent intruders or hackers to get access or disclose your personal information. Though your information is taken online on our website, we assure that your information will be directed to our information departments directly and, instantly.

Other Websites

Our website may contain links that will direct you to other websites of interest. Therefore, you must keep it in mind that once you leave the grounds of our website, we do not hold any control over any other website. Even if the link of other website is given on our page, that doesn’t make us claim responsibility of security concerns of that website. Hence, each user should acknowledge that E Assist holds responsibility and privacy concerns of this website solely.
Further, if you opt to exercise caution, give the Privacy Statement of each website a thorough read before providing with your personal details.

Your consent

When you agree to the Terms and conditions provided by E Assist, you provide us your full consent to the collected data and use of your personal information for the purposes described in the agreement.

Website Revision

It is to remember that E Assist holds the rights to revise their terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time. Therefore, revision of anything will be informed, announced or posted on the website.